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I am descended from an old Vogtland-based family which was engaged in instrument making for several generations. As a little boy, I watched my grand-grandfather in his workshop, being fascinated by his work as bow maker. After finishing school, I started my training as violin maker with master violin maker Eckhart Richter in Markneukirchen.

Apart of a few others, Eckhart Richter could lead his workshop independently, which was rather special in the time of the German Democratic Republic. Therefore I was lucky not only to learn the construction of new violins, but also get to know the very best instruments of Stradivari, Guaneri or Amati and furthermore, techniques to repair such old, high level instruments. Thus, my fascination and passion for old master violins especially the old wood, their specific build, varnishes and old varnish recipes and their application grew early.

After the successful examination for the master craftsman's certificate in 1990, I opened my workshop in 1993.

The focus of my work is the making of new violins, violas and cellis following the example of historic Italian violin makers. It is a special pleasure for me to build imitations of Guaneri, Stradivari and Amati models. It is a great concern of mine, that my instruments get as close as possible to the historic ideal. I have to point out, that this does not only mean that the instrument looks f.ex. like an old Guaneri, moreover the sound, the play of colors and the whole appearance of my violin has to approach the original.

With regard to the historic standard, I attach great importance on the choice and combination of the tonewoods. The wood I use in my workshop to build top, back and ribs is mostly older than 80 up to 100 years.

Thanks to this high quality tonewoods, my violins, violas and cellis are very easy to play and have an open and balanced tone right from the first day on. That I was able to earn a reputation with my varnishes is founded in my special hobby: the study and exploration of old italian varnish recipes from the classical period of italian violin making including the application and especially the handling.

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Master Violin Maker Joerg Wunderlich, Markneukirchen, Vogtland, Germany