Professional Repairs & Restoration of String Instruments

Care and Service

Despite good and careful handling of you string instrument, playing it will always leave marks. These should be revised and restored regularly to keep the instruments optical and musical qualities. Typical services are for example :

  • whetting of the fingerboard
  • revamping of the varnish
  • readjusting of the bridge
  • resetting of the sound post

Repairs and Restoration

Often I have instruments for repair in my workshop that have been severely damaged or even destroyed completely.
When repairing such an instrument, I put great effort in keeping as much of the original instrument as possible.
Broken or missing parts are repaired and retouched in a way that the repair is merely visible and the instrument's playability is not compromised.

Basically almost everything of a string instrument can be repared. Though, the necessary costs of the repair should not exceed the instruments value.

After I have reviewed the instrument in detail, I will be glad to support and advise you on a adequate repair or restauration of your instrument.

As a matter of course, I will also realise very demanding and difficult repairs in my workshop:

  • refitting of the neck / graft
  • adjusting the soundpost patch at a soundpost crack in the belly
  • repairs on the rib cage (with broken ribs)
  • repair of a broken top (glueing) with exact varnish retouch
  • repair of broken pegboxes
  • setting of new wing of the f-hole